Decerns GIS is a stand-alone application for managing spatial data in different vector and raster formats. It has a user-friendly graphical interface. All key functions of the application are accessible from the toolbars for your conveniece. Application data (map layers, settings, etc.) are managed by mean of projects which may be saved and reused. 

The following spatial data formats are supported:

  • Vector (shape files, postgis tables)
  • Raster
  • Grid (ESRI Ascii Grid, Grass Ascii Grid)
  • World Image

The following main operations with the spatial data are supported:

  • Zooming (Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom To Previous Extent, Zoom To Active Layer, Zoom To Full Extent, Zoom To Selection)
  • Panning (Pan)
  • Features selection (Select, Clear Selection)
  • Features searching (Map Query Builder)
  • Selected features attributes viewing (Feature Attributes, Selected Features Attributes)
  • Map layer attributes editing (Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete)
  • Measuring distances along lines and poly-lines (Measure Distance)
  • Measuring selected features length, perimeter and area (Measure Selected Features)
  • Map layer legend managing (line type, width and color, fill color, labels, etc.)
  • New vector layer creation (New Vector Layer)
  • New raster layer creation (New Raster Layer)
  • New features (points, lines, polygons) creation for the existing map layer (Add Feature)
  • Selected features editing (Undo, Redo, Cut Feature, Copy Feature, Paste, Delete Feature, Capture Feature, Move Feature)


Decerns GIS DE application has a build-in tool for the spatial alternatives managing (Spatial Alternatives). This tool allows to specify the multicriteria problem for the subsequent analysis with the Decerns MCDA DE application. Decerns GIS DE project files (xml) are used for the data interchange.

Technologies: Decerns GIS DE is a stand-alone Java application (Java SE 7). To run this application on your computer the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to be installed. To download and install the latest version of JRE please visit website. Decerns GIS DE uses GeoTools library for spatial data manipulation and 2D multi-layered maps visualization. GeoTools is an open source (LGPL) Java code library which provides standarts compliant methods for the manipulation of geospatial data, for example to implement Geographic Information Systems. The GeoTools library data structures are based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications.